Wilton Bible Church is a non-denominational independent Bible church that holds a very high view of Scripture. God's Word is our authority and Christ is our Head. We are conservative in philosophy of ministry and practice. Wilton Bible Church has a Christian school ministry to Preschool through 12th Grade.



Pastor John Schmidt grow up in Clovis, CA where he attended, Central Baptist Church. In his home church, he was saved at the age of 5 and called into full time ministry at the age of 16. He was educated at Bob Jones University where he received his degree in Practical Christian Training. John brings to Wilton Bible 10+ years of ministry experience. John and his wife Brooke were married in 2006 and God has blessed them with 3 beautiful girls, Madisyn (10), Olivia (8), and Aubrey (6).


Pastor John has served as our Senior Pastor since June 2016. He regularly teaches in WCS Chapel, and during our regular Sunday morning and Sunday night services. He is passionate about teaching the Bible, edifying the believers, and reaching the community for Christ. Under his leadership, we have become more community focused while staying true to the Word of God.


John enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, getting together with friends and playing a good board game.


Pastor Peter Lovelace is a Wilton local. He grew-up in Wilton Bible Church and graduated from Wilton Christian School in 2001. He graduated from Bob Jones University and has been on the pastoral staff here at WBC since 2006. Pastor Peter leads the Men's Group, Children's Ministries, Building & Maintenance and is on the Administrative Team of Wilton Christian School. 

Peter and his wife April enjoy serving the Lord together through ministering in the church together and helping others. They also treasure family time together with their three boys.


Pastor Peter enjoys bike riding, hiking, camping, and reading during his free time. 


God blessed me with a solid Christian home. My family was faithful in church attendance and I was able to watch my family members active in service to the Lord. I was influenced greatly by their faithfulness.


I attended Western Baptist Bible College, where I majored in Bible and Christian Education and minored in Music. After I graduated college, I entered the ministry as a Youth Pastor. My wife, Penny, and I have served the Lord for over 50 years in various ministries in California, and Washington.


We started attending Wilton Bible Church in April 2008. We have been thoroughly blessed serving at Wilton Bible Church these past 10 years. Our ministry to the Seniors at Wilton is very satisfying and enjoyable. They are a blessing minister to.





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Prior to 1932, there was no church or pastor in Wilton. Services were held at rare occasions by traveling evangelists in the Alta Mesa and Wilton Town Halls. In 1932, William Graves and his brother, Arthur Graves, both from Vallejo, held a series of 2 week meetings in the Wilton Town Hall. Seeing the need for a church in the community, they planted the seed from which grew and flourished the Central Community Bible Church, which later became Wilton Bible Church.

1932 – Meeting with Bill & Arthur Graves in the Alta Mesa and Wilton Town Halls

1933-36 – Meeting in the Alta Mesa and Wilton Town Halls – Pastor Harry Gregory

1937-40 – Still meeting in the Town Halls, organized Independent Bible Church of Wilton. – Pastor Joseph Geddes

1946-47 – Meeting in the Alta Mesa and Wilton Town Halls – Pastor Roy Bancroft

4/26/1946 – Incorporated as Central Community Bible Church of Wilton

11/16/1946 – Dedication of new property and moved, fixed up building

1947-49 – Central Community Bible Church – Pastor Paul Bustrum

1950-51 – Central Community Bible Church – Pastor Carl Sisson

1951-54 – Five room parsonage and church annex were added – Pastor James Anderson

1954-59 – New Church building was added – Pastor Robert Jeffcott

1960-69 – Central Community Bible Church – Pastor Horace Tyrrel

1969-71 – Name changed to Wilton Bible Church – interim pastor Charles Martin

1971-80 – Wilton Christian School was started in 1972 – Pastor Elwood Chipchase

1980-86 – Wilton Bible Church – Pastor Robert Litzenberger

1986-96 – Wilton Bible Church – Pastor C.T. “Doc” Beale

1998-2015 – Wilton Bible Church – Pastor Clint Jeffcott

2016-Present - Wilton Bible Church - Pastor John Schmidt